Best Careers for Animal Lovers

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Animal lovers are people who have a deep affinity for animals. They have a passion for caring, nurturing, and protecting animals. If you are an animal lover, there are many career options available that will allow you to work with your furry friends and make a living. Here are some of the best careers for animal lovers.

1. Veterinarian

A veterinarian is a medical professional who specializes in the treatment and care of animals. They diagnose and treat animals for a range of illnesses and injuries. To become a veterinarian, you need to complete a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from an accredited institution. After graduating, you can work in a private practice, animal hospital, or research facility.

2. Animal Behaviorist

An animal behaviorist is a specialist who studies animal behavior. They work with animals to help them overcome behavioral issues, such as aggression or anxiety. They also work with pet owners to help them better understand their pets’ behavior. To become an animal behaviorist, you need to have a degree in psychology, biology, or animal science, and additional training in animal behavior.

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3. Zoologist

A zoologist is a specialist who studies the behavior, physiology, and anatomy of animals. They work in research, conservation, and education. Zoologists typically work for government agencies, zoos, or research organizations. To become a zoologist, you need to have a degree in biology, zoology, or a related field.

4. Animal Control Officer

An animal control officer (ACO) is a law enforcement officer who works with animals. They investigate animal cruelty cases, enforce animal control laws, and rescue animals in distress. They also work with pet owners to ensure they are providing adequate care for their pets. To become an ACO, you need to have a high school diploma or GED, and complete a training program.

5. Wildlife Rehabilitator

A wildlife rehabilitator is a specialist who cares for injured or orphaned wild animals. They work to rehabilitate the animals and release them back into the wild. They also work to educate the public about wildlife conservation. To become a wildlife rehabilitator, you need to have a degree in biology, zoology, or a related field, and additional training in wildlife rehabilitation.

6. Animal Trainer

An animal trainer is a specialist who trains animals for various purposes, such as entertainment, obedience, or service. They work with a range of animals, including dogs, horses, and dolphins. To become an animal trainer, you need to have experience working with animals and training them. You can also complete a training program or apprenticeship to gain the necessary skills.

7. Animal Shelter Manager

An animal shelter manager is a professional who oversees the operations of an animal shelter. They are responsible for managing staff, caring for animals, and overseeing adoptions. To become an animal shelter manager, you need to have experience working in an animal shelter or a related field, and a degree in animal science, business, or a related field.

8. Animal Groomer

An animal groomer is a professional who grooms animals, such as dogs and cats. They provide services such as bathing, clipping, and styling. To become an animal groomer, you need to complete a grooming program and obtain a license. You also need to have experience working with animals.

9. Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

A pet sitter or dog walker is a professional who provides pet care services in the owner’s absence. They may feed, exercise, and provide companionship for pets. To become a pet sitter or dog walker, you need to have experience working with animals and a love for pets.

10. Equine Assisted Therapist

An equine assisted therapist is a professional who uses horses to provide therapy to individuals with mental health or emotional issues. They work with a range of clients, including children, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. To become an equine assisted therapist, you need to have a degree in psychology, social work, or counseling, and additional training in equine therapy.


Animal lovers have many career options available to them. From veterinarians to animal trainers, there are many ways to work with and care for animals. If you are passionate about animals, consider pursuing a career in one of these fields.

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